Yukio Nagasawa


2004, Japan (Attorney at Law and Patent Attorney)


The University of Tokyo (LL.B.)

The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court


Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association.

Japan Patent Attorney Association


Japanese and English


Intellectual Property, especially International Patent Disputes

Civil Litigation, especially Civil Appeals


2000: "Cross-Border Issues and Extra-Territorial Effects under Japanese Law"
  (Federal Circuit Bar Journal Vol. 9 No. 4)
2002: "IP Litigation in Japan"
(textbook for lawyers’ program of the Asia-Pacific Industrial Property Center)
2003: "Patent Harmonization from the Perspective of a Japanese IP Judge"
(CASRIP Symposium Publication Series No.8, July 2003)
2004: "Present Situation and Future Development of IP Litigation in Asian Regions"
(Asian Patent Attorney Association News)
"IP Practice in Japan"
(Publication of the Seoul National University Center for Law & Technology)
2005: "Enforcing Patents in China, Japan and the United States: A Comparison"
(English Journal of the Japanese Group of AIPPI Vol. 30 No.5 2005, co-author)
2007: "Settlement Conferences at Japanese Courts"
(AIPPI Journal)
"Five Patent Law Quirks You Need to Know"
(Managing Intellectual Property, September 2007 page 110)
2008: "The Doctrine of Equivalent in Various Patent Regimes---Does Anybody Have It Right?"
(Yale Journal of Law & Technology, Volume 11, 2008-2009)
2011: "The Examination of Technical Issues in Patent Litigation"
("Patent Practice in Japan and Europe-Liber Amicorum for Guntram Rahn" page 545, Kluwer Law International, 2011)


2004: "Japanese Intellectual Property Law & Comparative Patent Law"
(The Peking University IP School)
"IP Law in Japan"
(Seoul National University College of Law)
"Recent Change in the Japanese Doctrine of Equivalents"
(American Intellectual Property Law Association Annual Meeting)
2005: "Patent Litigation in Various Countries - Insights into the Japanese Perspective"
(International Judges Conference on Intellectual Property Law)
2006: "Evidence Rules in Japanese IP Litigation"
(Symposium on the Judicial Protection of IP Rights held by the Peoples' Supreme Court of China)


1984: Associate Judge
1989-1992: Associate Judge, Tokyo District Court, Intellectual Property Division
1995-2000: Research Judge (Legal Assistant to Justices) in charge of IP appeals at the Supreme Court of Japan
2000-2003: Judge of the Tokyo High Court, IP Division


Visiting Researcher

1992-1993: Researcher of Long-term Overseas Research Program for Associate Judges at the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, The George Washington University Law School, and patent law firms
2003: Visiting Scholar at the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) and the George Washington University Law School (Intellectual Property Law)



2004-2007: Professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo
2004-2005: Visiting Professor at Peking University Law School and IP School, Visiting Professor at Seoul National University Law School
2005-(present): Head of Asian Intellectual Property Strategy Research Division, Institute of Promotion for Intellectual Property
2007-2012: Professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Technology Management for Innovation